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Welcome to the Mann Family and Fitness West Christmas Light Show


My name is Troy and I am the creator of the Light Show. We stared this show in 2009 with a simple Gimmy light programmer; during that year I starting looking at the Internet and found light shows that were AMAZING and I knew that's what I wanted.  I researched what most people used to program their shows and found most used Light-O-Rama (LOR), so I began researching LOR.  I read numerous articles stating to start small (like with 16 or 32 channels), of course I laughed, ordered 5 LOR boxes and started with 80 channels.  After receiving the 5 LOR units I ordered 6 cases of lights (14400 led lights), so here I am waiting for everything to come through the mail thinking hey, this should be that hard.  Well in June 2011 everything was delivered and I started toying with the lights and the control panels.  OK, so you all were right, start small and work your way up.  I really had no clue what I was about to get myself into,  I started looking at the LOR software and began programming lights.  Four hours into it I think I had about 1 minute of my first song completed.  I thought to myself wow, no wonder people work all year on their displays.  Fast forward to November when I start installing the lights around my yard.  I worked day and night for 6 weeks.  It was time and the show starts.......  Wow, I did it and it didn't even look that bad.  I could improve on many levels, but for the first year it was not that bad and you can even hear the show through the car radio.  I already started planning for the 2011 show. 


This year we have added 23,000 lights and 48 more channels.  A spiral tree was introduced along with snow flakes, two towers, and a mega tree that runs from the peak of my house.  We added about 9 new songs and we hired the help of the The Demented Elf to do some voiceovers.  Let me tell you that Kevin is the best when it comes to voiceovers.  He did such an outstanding job and it really gave the show what it needed.  I can't thank him enough for adding the final touch.


You are probably asking yourself why would someone spend so much time and money decorating a house for Christmas.  The answer is simple:  Too many people in the world today walk around thinking about work issues, money issues, life issues and whatever else may cause their stress.  Life is to short to be worrying and it truly effects other people they encounter from day to day.  I wanted to create an environment that would force people to stop thinking about their problems, reminisce on their childhood and remember all the good times they had.  Its a time to give and enjoy the special people whom surround you.  Love yourself