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Personal Training

Do you ever come to the gym and are not sure what to do?

Don't know how to get the results you want?

Missing that motivation and drive?

Are you stuck doing the same thing day in and day out?


If you answered YES to any of these questions; then you a perfect candidate for hiring a personal trainer.  A personal trainer will make it easy for you when you come to the gym; you will not have to think about anything but achieving your goals.  The trainer will design a specialized program that will fit your needs and goal. 


Personal Training Price:


1-6 sessions:      $65 per session

                          This is a good package for those that need a change and/or for those who are

                           familiar with exercise but need a program designed for them.

12 sessions:       $40 per session

                           This is a good package to start seeing result and work with any muscle

                            imbalances.  This program will last anywhere from 4-6 weeks.  Depending on

                            how dedicated you are you should see anywhere from 8-12lbs weight lose.


I will guarantee result as long as you follow the guidelines.  A person can safely lose 2lbs of body fat a week.  How, you may ask? 

              By following the 5 components of fitness/life:

                   1.  Nutrition  -  500 calorie burn a day  


                   2.  Cardiovascular Training  -  500-1000 calories at 5 days a week 


                   3.  Supplementation   -  Fueling your body with the correct micro nutrients will

                                                         allow your body to work more efficiently in turn will

                                                         help increase metabolism, assist in recovery and results.


                   4.  Resistance Training  - 400-600 calories at 2-3 days a week.

                                                      Not only are you burning calories, but this is will assist

                                                       with maintenance after you've lost weight.  For every

                                                       one pound of body fat you have on you; you burn about

                                                       5 calories a day.  Now for every pound of LEAN body mass

                                                       (LBM) you burn up to 50 calories a day.  So as you can

                                                       tell the more LBM you have the higher your Basal Metabolic

                                                       Rate (BMR resting caloric expenditure) is and the easier

                                                       it is to maintain you goal weight/body fat.


                   5.  Motivation or Personal Assistance  -  Now this is how you are going to stay with

                                                                               your exercise program and continue to

                                                                               reach your goal.  You either need to find

                                                                               someone who has the same goals, is

                                                                               disciplined, and is going to keep you

                                                                               accountable.  Or a great way to get

                                                                               results and keep you accountable is 

                                                                               hiring a personal trainer.                                                                              


Tips to hiring a trainer:

  Ask questions:  -  Since you are investing your money into someone to design a program and put you through a workout you MUST make sure they know what they are doing.  Just because a person likes to workout doesn't make them a personal trainer.   

A trainer should understand:

How the body works

How the muscles contract

How muscle can cause postural imbalances

How to get the result you need

How to safely lose body fat without losing muscle mass

If you do a body fat composition they should explain what this means IE. how much LBM you have versus body fat


Where did you get your certifications?

                                                                                                Are your certifications current?

                                                                                               Where did you get your schooling?


I have been in this field for over 18 years and I have seen a lot of trainers whom call themselves trainer but didn't have a clue to what they were doing and actually ended up hurting their clients.  If you are rehabbing from a injury you need to be particular with the trainer.  The best bet is someone who has a degree in the field versus someone who only has an on-line certification.


Troy Mann

B.S. Exercise Physiology

Held Certifications N.A.S.M, A.C.S.M